Woocommerce Order/customer Csv Export 5.3.2

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WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export is a WooCommerce Extensions being developed by Woothemes. WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export allows you export individual orders or bulk export orders on demand, or automatic export via FTP, HTTP POST, or email.

WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export

WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export

Order/Customer CSV Export Setting Dashboard

Order/Customer CSV Export Setting Dashboard

WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export Features:

  • Export customer data (name, email, addresses)
  • Export order data
  • Set a custom filename for exported files
  • Automatically export  via FTP, HTTP POST, oremail addresses
  • Define an export schedule
  • Support WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Automatically upload via FTP
  • Export individual orders
  • Export custom fields
  • And many more. Check official website for more features.

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